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Membership in The Spicey Chicken Cartel

The following folks are suspected of being members of the Cartel. Of course, since There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel, there can be no Official Spicey Chicken Cartel Membership Roster. However, this will have to do for now. Since this list does not really exist, the order the names appear in does not matter.

Name SCC Unit # Quote or Title
Rolf #1 .
Sisyphus6 #6 .
etee #3:16 "Supreme High Commander of the Buffalo Wing"
Warrior #9,#9,#9... "I've got a black belt in teriyaki!"
BobCat #23 "Spam is used by lusers who won't deal with people ethically."
crash #42 .
Denise #18 .
J. Adams #57 "57 spicy ways to thwack a spammer"
Jacob #2001 "deep space exploration unit"
Kathy Brunetti #3.14159 "Getting rid of MMF is as easy as pi"
RossB #6.02x10^23 "Flocinaucinihillipillificate spam"
Mel.White #50 "50 ways to leave your spammer"
Chris McMillan #86 "Help control the MMF population. Have your MMFool spayed or neutered."
madpierre #666 "How hot do you want your spicy chicken?"
Al #$@&! "Is he the unknown member of a Cartel that does not exist, or does he just swear alot?"
Lionel #3535 "Twirling his six-shootin' spaminator" (Note: No MMF scheme, in whole or in part, was used in the creation of this quote)
FoxDog #99 "99 emails of spam in the 'box, 99 emails of spam..."
ERIS #13[2] "The 13th SCC on the table"
Seanette Blaylock #13[1] "Preparer of the Spicy Chicken"
WebKitty #100 "Cuz MMF iz 100% ILL3GAL DOOD!!!!11"
Arcadia #11 " 'cuz I'm BORED, that's why."
Frank #69 "Sometimes in life, you have but two choices: should you be Beavis, or should you be Butt-Head? Huh huh huh huh uh uh huh huh huh. :)"
Charlie Prett #27 "First we get some fettuccini, then we laugh at Fools"
J. Andrew Lipscomb #52 "Building a bridge to a spam-free future"
AJ Pennypacker #404 "The Free Up Disk Drive Space Cartel (TinFUDDSC) - 'The real reason Web hosts want to nuke your Web page' "
StrayDog #771 "TinMB (There is no Murkowski Bill)"
Palantone #5250 "Only sometimes paranoid - Now its time for [MMF-er] to get paranoid, and paranoid Again."
The Roadie #73 "Black Belt in LART-Foo"
R0g3R #690 "Roger likes spicey chicken"
Saz #1917 "because even Bolsheviks hate spam."
Trailer #4 (tinscc)
Dan Ifino #-1 "Twin air-cooled LART launchers and a hair trigger"
JC #65 "Because I confuse Spicy Chicken with Social Security"
Fatman #7:7 "Join now. The jihad needs you."
Toni Lynn (TinSCC#) "Can I be Spicy Chicken Cartel Chaplain-ette?"
Sailor LART #2023 "I am the strange, sailor-suited soldier, Sailor LART! In the name of the Internet, I will punish you!"
PTVroman #i "Since tinscc, all units are imaginary."
Tsiuwan #007 "When they discover the center of the universe, a lot of people will be disappointed to discover they are not it."

How Can I Join the Spicey Chicken Cartel?

Since There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel, there is of course no way to join it. However, for those who are not so easily deterred, you can send your request to , and when I read your email and if I feel like it I may in fact add you to the Roster. Please include your "name", the SCC Unit # you want, and an optional Title or Quote to be associated with your identity.

Eat More Spicey Chicken!

* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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