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A Lesson in Capitalism for dot-Commies

"As Seen on Cable TV!"

L & E Associates is a key vendor of essential products for the e-Business community. It has been supplying products since at least 1961, and was one of the early adopters of the Information Superhighway as proposed by that Extraordinary Visionary and Great American Patriot, Al Gore. In fact, L & E Associates has seen its market exposure grow at a rate of over 250% per year, since the Internet became the medium of choice of information-starved Americans.

L & E Associates has decided to make its entire line of essential products, previously only accessible to established Big Names in e-Commerce, available to the general community. We feel that this will carry our company to a Whole New Level, and for this reason we have decided to offer a share of our American Dream to the general public. We have conducted exhaustive research on various business options, and have determined that Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a safe, effective, and 100% LEGAL means of managing the distribution of our product!

Therefore L & E Associates is looking for distributers for our essential products. We offer a dynamic, ever changing work environment; the opportunity to exchange communications with lots of people in the e-Business community, especially professionals in the Internet Service Provider space; a challenging assignment where diligence, hard work, and dedication will result in you reaping the reward you so richly deserve; and the possibility of earning an income in the stratospheric range!

Do you have what it takes? How will you ever know if you don't try it and find out? Are YOU satisfied with going to your dull, nine-to-five job, and taking home your measily little paycheck? Or, do you see the glass as "half full", and want to reach out and fill it to the brim with life?

Let us show YOU how to Make ... $$$$MONEY$$$$$ ... FAST!

Are you ready to invest now, or do you need more information?

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Eat More Spicey Chicken!

* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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