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The Spicey Chicken Cartel: Lynx page

As with other Web sites, I have decided to include a "lynx" page where I will post URLs of other sites that the SCC recommends you go and visit. If you wish your site to be listed here, and I'll at least consider posting it. However, I may just decide to turn this into a page about the Lynx, since after all it was hosted by GA.TO!

  • Acid Test - make money online Scams and Hoaxes: Another site in the continuing War on Errorism, which reveals cons and hoaxes about popular "earn income online" programs: get paid to read email, paid to search, paid survey schemes and similar money-making opportunities.

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* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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