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The Saga of Chkn Littel

The Reports Are Coming!
The Reports Are Coming!

I am sure you have all seen them. You hear "You've Got Mail", and you start to drool with anticipation at yet another advertisement for a XXXXXXXXX-rated Web site. Then, you open the letter, and see LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS! Aand VEARRRY BAADE SPELIGN! And LOTS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!11 So, you think "Aw ^*$, Another MMF!" and proceed to hit the key. Then, for good measure, you hit it again!

Well, have you ever wondered about the people who actually participate in these illegal scams Internet Business Opportunities? I know you have. So, I have decided to present the story of one such "Entrepeneur", an industrious soul named Chkn Littel. This is a tale of tragedy, of victimhood, of rags to riches, of going "into the frying pan on top of the fire". So, for cryin'out loud keep the liquid refreshments away from the computer as you read this! - and, bring along a box of tissues, just in case you forgot to put the cat away before you started to read.

[Rating: C&C]

[Ed note - I am serious. Please remove all liquid refreshments from your mouth, and lock up the family furry animals, before reading this. Also, if you don't know the meaning of the word "parody", look it up in a dictionary before complaining to me about this.]

Do YOU Want To Earn Valuable $$$$MONEY$$$$$ ? I Earned $50,000 in 60 Days!!! And I Am Going To Devil's Island On The Proceeds!

Hello, my name is Chkn Littel. I am a 30-week old wife, mother, and part time Ovulation Engineering Specialist. I thought I Had It All, and life couldn't get any better, and that my Good Fortune would last forever.

That was, until catastrophe struck. I knew something was amiss, and I kept telling folks "The Skyy Is Falling! The Skyy Is Falling!" and the others kept saying "Y! Y!" and I replied "Y not?" then it hit me. The Sky, that is. Like a bolt from the blue. I then understood Y.

Well, it went downhill from there. I couldn't cross the road anymore. I lost my job, my man flew the coop, and I got so desperate I had to sell the vowels in my first name! Then, I made the discovery of a lifetime! I saw this program, said "Y not?", then it hit me again, and after I regained consciousness I tried it! And, sure enough, it worked!! I now have more $$$$MONEY$$$$ than I can use for the rest of my life, I have paid off my bills, I even bought my vowels back!, and I am taking a trip to Devil's Island on the proceeds!

It is an ancient system, one that is Gauranteed to Make You Rich!!! Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Read this! Then READ IT AGAIN!!! Then Print It Out! And Read It AGAIN!!!!!11 Follow The Instructions EXACTLY, and You Will Become RICH!!!! Fail In Any Particular, And You Will Roast In The Bowels Of Eternal Suffering!

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* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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