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David Rhodes, Explained

Sometimes, the most interesting things show up in one's email. For example, last week I received a response to the SCCAMMI Awardz Nominations, which included a bit of MMF history, for you high-brows out there.

The following email showed up last week, from one "Harold S.", which provides a bit of additional background into the Founding Father of Computerized Scams. So, without further ado...

Nominee for "The 'David Rhodes' Award", For "the Wierdest, St00pidest, or Funniest 'send $1 to a bunch of ph00lz' Scam", we have...

I certainly did, thank you. And, I'll take this opportunity to invite everyone to visit the David Rhodes page.

Remember, if you are ever tempted to become involved in an MMF pyramid scheme...

Read This! Then READ IT AGAIN!!!1

Eat More Spicey Chicken!

* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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