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Welcome to The Spicey Chicken Cartel

Site Last Updated: 29 May 2004

Welcome to the Spicey Chicken Cartel. I don't know exactly why you have chosen to visit this place, but I am glad you are here. So, pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, and prepare to be entertained.

And what kind of entertainment should you expect? Well, with a name like "Spicey Chicken Cartel" you can bet it won't be those Live, Sexy Potatoes, All Dancing For You! from that other site. Also, despite the name, we are not primarily an eater's club. No, we are dedicated to something much more important than mere nutrition. Our goal is to augment the existing sites (like the MMF Hall of Humiliation ) in the fight against Chain Letters, Ponzi Schemes, and other such MMFoolery. So, feel free to look though our site.

A word of warning, first. This site contains dry, witty humor, written with a heaping helping of Irony and Sarcasm, and sprinkled with a touch of Adult-style innuendoes. There is the chance that, if you don't follow the "C&C" rule, you will end up spewing your liquid refreshment all over your monitor and keyboard, and cause your furry critter pet to head straight for the "Valium from the Vet". And, be especially wary if you come across the following:

[Rating: C&C]

I will not be responsible if any of the above happens, nor am I responsible if you insist on carrying a cup of HOT coffee between your legs while driving down a pot-hole filled street! Also, while I don't think I have any words here that most kiddoes haven't heard, if you are a parent you might want to read this site before you turn the little ones loose to play.

Unit 3:16, "Supreme High Commander of the Buffalo Wing of the Spicey Chicken Cartel" (TinSCC) -DNRC

Newz! Newz! NEWZ!!!

The Conspiracy Files: Anti-spam and Anti-Scam Rantings, With Humor 29.May.2004

One of my co-horts in the fight against Internet spam and scams, who goes by the moniker of "BobCat", has decided to try a new approach to getting the message out about how bad it is to participate in Internet scams, or to be a spammer. To this end, he has created a series of Web-tales he calls "The Conspiracy Files (tanCF)".

These stories are written, based on the premise that most scammers and spammers are totally illiterate, therefore anything with words more than 1 syllable is likely to sail right over their heads. So, to make sure the readers get the point of the message, BobCat makes extensive use of pictures. That's right - pictures, with captions underneath, tell stories of the pain and agony spammers and scammers feel when they are caught in the act, and their 'nads are squashed 'twixt the Mighty Mallets of Righteousness and a hard place.

As of this time, BobCat has just released the second of the series -- The Case of the Scammed Sister. You can also read the first in the series, The Case of the Ruined Ratware, which is available on fine browsers anywhere!

Soooo, would-be scammers and spammers: Read These -- then READ THEM AGAIN!!!!!1

Karen Liddell and David Rhodes Find A New Web Home At .net! 26.May.2004
After their 'free' hosting service started asking for some $$$$MONEY$$$$$ to keep these two web sites up, .net was approached, and asked to host them. Being the kind-hearted soul that I am, I agreed to host their sites, so long as they maintained the message that MMF was 100% ILLegal d00d, (and so long as they got rid of that awful advertising.) Last night, I got the two sites operational.
You can find them right here: Dave Rhodes' Web Site, and the Home Page of Karen Liddell.

After More Than A Year...A new Feature of the &WHENEVER_I_FEEL_LIKE_IT 26.May.2004
For many years, we have wondered just what exactly the Ancient Egyptians were trying to say when they wrote the hieroglyphics on the inside of the pyramids. Since it was discovered, the Rosetta Stone has provided a method of translating these writings into a language we can read...

A new Feature of the &WHENEVER_I_FEEL_LIKE_IT 18.Apr.2003
What I am about to tell you, gentle reader, is not a tale of MMF per se. However, there is a loose coupling between this spam and MMF, as it is the story of a st00pid spammer luser who tells me how he has managed to Make $$$$MONEY$$$$$ Fa$T! using the Internet.

MMF Declared "100% LEAGEL"! 01.Apr.2003
In a stunning setback for California prosecutors, the 9th Circuit Court today declared that Make $$$$MONEY$$$$$ Fast! schemes are indeed '100% LEAGEL'. As a result, the recent convictions of the fraudsters in the "Women Helping Women' schemes have all been overturned, and the women will be allowed to keep all the $$$$MONEY$$$$$ they raked in.

The court based its decision on the First Amendment, which protects confidence games sent through spam email as "frea speach", so long as the email doesn't contain the words "under God".

In other news, sources at the Pentagon report that US cyberwarfare experts have succeeded in totally demolishing Iraq's computer infrastructure, by sending out 127.4 MILLION emails titled "EARN SOME OF BILL GATES' MILLION$ AND A FREE TRIP TO EURODISNEY BY FORWARDING THIS EMAIL!'' At last count, the Iraqi mailservers had a 25-year backlog of inbound email to process.

Eat More Spicey Chicken!

* "There is no Spicey Chicken Cartel."

The Spicey Chicken Cartel (TinSCC) does not engage in animal testing. All our tests are performed on human subjects (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

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